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Re: Off on one of my rants ;)

Tom Caldwell wrote:

However I quite like the Mode2 focus peaking and have not felt particularly disadvantaged at any time by its use, nor has it bothered my compositional mind. I tend to vary the lcd screen magnification as might be appropriate and now find the Clearviewer accessory indispensable for any bright outdoor work....But the Clearviewer attached and in use seems to give a more natural "eyefinder" grip than the higher mounted clip on evf (more especially so with a larger format lens). My experience only, others may differ.

It seems that some are most happy with the most realistic composition images and others are satisfied by abstract representation. Nothing could lean more to the abstract than using a Clearviewer with Mode2 on a bright sunny day....

Tom Caldwell

Tom: I have been a very satisfied Clearviewer user for years now, on various of my non-SLR cameras, both with its tripod mounting and its hotshoe mounting. I am now using its hotshoe mount, in the fashion you describe, with my GXR M-mount and Mode2 focus peaking, and find it by far the best focusing method for my GXR (along with screen magnification). Thanks for doing the advance work (testing) of this method, which I have adapted with success. Jim

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