Setting for High Resolution shooting - Canon 70D

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TheDman wrote:

johna wrote:

The dpi is just for monitor display which will use the 72 dpi. Some newer monitors use 96.

No, this is completely false. Monitors don't use any DPI. The OP is already confused enough about DPI, and this just confuses him further.

DPI/PPI is completely meaningless to digital files. You'd be best to ignore it. Just because your file comes out of the camera with "72" in the ppi field doesn't mean that it is any lower resolution than one that is 300. An image is high resolution because it has a lot of pixels, not because it has a big number in the ppi field. Pixels are all that matter. See this link for more info:

TheDMan is correct, and the scantips link is an excellent one to follow. The confusion about monitors "using" dpi probably comes from earlier operating systems that had a setting where you could choose one dpi or another. That setting had absolutely NOTHING to do with the resolution of the monitor or rendition of your images. It was used to calculate the size of the type used to display menus and such. Later OS versions dispensed with that nonsense and you now can choose smaller or larger system font sizes directly.

The dpi "in the camera" myth derives from similar misleading terminology. As BAK pointed out earlier in the thread, a 5472 x 3648 pixel image at 72 dpi and a 5472 x 3648 pixel image at 240 dpi look and are *exactly* the same. They will simply print at different sizes unless your printing software allows you to adjust the output size.

Thank you for the clarification.  I understand now.

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