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Re: GX7 Lens Review on DxO

Pictures shooter wrote:

It would be nice to get a sample of a grass they were smoking.
I see that Olympus 75mm F1.8 on old, more than four-year old Panasonic GH1 has 9 mysterious units called "P-Mpix",
but the same lens on GX7 provides only miserable 7 "P-Mpix",
and even the oldest, I would say ancient, five-year (!) Panasonic G1 still provides 8 "P-Mpix".
Panasonic's development team are not even able just to repeat its result of distant past 2008...
It's too far beyond the bound of any explicable common sense.
It looks like DxO use some magic coefficient that depends on how well should go sales of competing vendor cameras...

I assume that we will eventually learn the logical explanation behind the test results. It seems unlikely that DXO is trying to make the GX7 look bad. My guess is that there is a legitimate issue that threw their tests off; the question is how often that particular issue affects people using the GX7 in real life. (This reminds me a bit of the banding issue with the Pany 20mm a while back, where most people didn't have the issue, and the underlying cause was very hard to imagine.)

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