GXR Lenses, lensors & Misc.

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Re: Off on one of my rants ;)

Mode 2 in decent light with a contrasty subject works well.

Reverse those two attributes and it's a sea of mush which not only gets in the way of achieving focus but actively blocks effective composition. Magnification doesn't come to the rescue in those conditions because of the noise typically present in such situations as the camera gains up the system to present a viewable image.

A good idea, limited by the technology of the day, the GXR's various focus assists do not stand up in comparison well at all with the new kid on the block -- the Sony A7/r cameras -- with which manual focus has never been easier, in my experience.

My keeper rate, focus wise, is much higher with the A7r and I thought I was pretty good at it with the GXR/M.

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