DF: the perfect backup body to the D800

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Re: Here's why it's not a good idea:

sgoldswo wrote:

stuntmonkey wrote:

A visual reason why the Df isn't a good backup to the D800:

Big lens, awkward grip.

Not that I would want to use the Df with a 70-200, but its actually easier to use with longer lenses (because you support the weight of the lens) than it is with medium sized lenses (e.g. the 24-70 or 14-24).

It's not just the weight of the lens, it's the handling plus the weight of the lens. A lot of the Df operation involves taking it away from eye-level and looking down at the camera.... the "physical workflow" gets magnified somewhat when you add on hefty lenses. Also: it looks even more ridiculous when you put the 14-24 on it....

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