GX7 vs E-M1 IQ difference?

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Guy Parsons
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Time to stop

Baron LaCat wrote:

Thanks to all who responded about Stops.

As always, this forum is extremely helpful when answering questions.

I now more clearly understand the Stop terminology, and so, Seasons Greetings to all.


Yes, "one stop difference" whatever is being discussed means 1/2 or 2x difference. So that works for aperture where the stop number you see varies by the root 2 law as we talk diameter but the light quantity obeys the area of the opening (remember pi r squared as area of a circle?).

Before the variable diameter iris diaphragm was invented it was sheets of metal interposed in the light path with various sized holes to "stop" the light. (I guess if they had used various sized dead frogs in the lens to alter the light then we would be talking "one dead frog difference").

Anyway... easier with shutter speeds as "one stop" there is half or twice the time period.

Then it gets a bit vaguer as it wanders off into things like dynamic range, noise etc, but generally "one stop" will still mean 1/2 or 2x.

Now when I say "have a Merry Christmas that is one stop better than last year" you know that I am being silly. But see if you can make it happen anyway...

Regards.... Guy

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