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From an ipad user

I like the blog and especially like the background color.  Tastes differ, and while the poster before me thought your site lacked excitement, I personally welcome the calm nature of your blog.  What is 'excitement' for some is 'sensory overload' or 'annoying' to others.

Also, I like that once I click on a photo, I can then scroll through the rest without having to exit the first photo and click again on the next one and so forth.  If it's too much work, I lose interest (and yours is not too much work).

For suggestions, I would prefer a larger font size and larger photo sizes for the unclicked versions.  The size you are using works ok for the galleries, but I would prefer something large enough in the blog that I don't necessarily have to click on the photos unless I want a closer look.  Also, it is nice to view the photos while reading your comments, even if I plan to later view the larger sizes.  Currently, I don't think the photos are large enough to do that, at least not on my ipad.  In addition, I would prefer some sort of demarcation around the photos when in the larger clicked on sizes - some kind of outline or non intrusive frame so I can tell where the photos stop and the black ipad background starts.

But those are my wishes, not necessarily needed.  Your blog is fine the way it is.

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Roberto M.

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