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Re: Canon efs 60 macro lens

Jeff Peterman wrote:

I see that you have both the 60mm macro and the 50mm macro. Ignoring focusing speeds, 10mm, and 1:1 macro, how do they compare?

Rather obviously, the 50/2.5 is an EF lens with FF coverage, the 60/2.8 is not. There are uses for a short macro lens, and there is simply no lighting problem with the 50/2.5 either with or without the LSC (not so the new 24~70/4, where I am still figuring out a lighting setup at the close end of the range). On FF the 50mm and 100mm lenses give usefully different perspective for close-up shots, just as they do for photography at greater distances. For photographing artwork, the 50/2.5 on a 5DIII is the best combination Canon has available. Having said all that, I do very much regard the 50/2.5 as a FF lens, and I can think of no technical reason to prefer it to the 60/2.8 on a 1.6-factor body.

Incidentally, I know there are those who define "macro" as ×1 and beyond. Personally I do not find that to be a helpful limitation, if only because the amount of photography done in the range beyond ×1 must surely be tiny compared to that done between ×0.25 (the limit, more-or-less, for the bulk of "normal" lenses) and ×1

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