GX7 vs E-M1 IQ difference?

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Re: Image Quality Stops

One of the best short histories of the use of the term "stop" in photography can be found at the link below:


The important thing to remember is that every full-stop of change represents a doubling or halving of the amount of light admitted through the shutter (depending on which direction you move along the number series). Each of the values in each series represents a full stop, but modern aperture rings and electronic shutters often offer the ability to choose intermediate ("continuously variable") shutter speeds and apertures.

shutter speed: 1   1/2   1/4    1/8    1/15    1/30    1/60    1/125    1/250   1/500 . . . .

Aperture (iris) opening: f1    f1.4    f2.0    f2.8    f4     f5.6     f8     f11     f16      f22 . . .

ISO: 100    200    400    800    1600    3200    6400

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