GX7 vs E-M1 IQ difference?

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Guy Parsons
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Stop all this nonsense

Baron LaCat wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

and it’s only -1/3 of a stop in overall image quality behind the 16-Mpix Sony NEX-6.

This STOP jargon really confuses me !!! How is image quality measured in Stops ???

It translates to "slightly behind in quality, probably never notice it, other factors will over-ride the small difference".

And when folk talk about Stopping Down (with a lens) what do they mean ?

Stopping down means to make the lens aperture hole smaller in diameter. Lets less light in the hole. Because the f/number is an inverse function then stopping down means a smaller fraction so the number appears to get bigger. That is f/2.8 is a lot larger hole than f/22.

(I almost grasped the idea of Stopping Down on a lens, and now we talk about IQ measured in Stops)!!

We also talk about 'stops' when discussing shutter speeds, wrap your grey matter around that one !

And if we can Stop Down on a lens, can we also Stop Up on the lens ??

We can stomp on a lens but 'stop up' is never ever used. Move to a larger aperture, or "open up a stop or two" would be the accepted terminology.

Thanks in advance


I'll stop there.

Regards...... Guy

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