I was a B-A-A-A-A-D boy

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I was a B-A-A-A-A-D boy

About a week ago, I ran into this troll on the forum-

and called him a name.

He went crying to mommy, and I had to spend a week in the 'TIME OUT' corner for my bad behavior.


Actually the time out came at a good time, as I had some health issues, and sitting in front of a computer wasn't doing me any good. Not actually sure what I had, but I believe it was a case of Walking Pneumonia, and my lungs were filling with water. A couple of nights, I couldn't sleep as I couldn't take a deep breathe, so I spent the nights concentrating on 'BREATHING', either lying in bed or sitting upright. Then about a week ago, I developed a bad case of edema, where my from my chest down, my body started retaining water. My stomach was swollen, and my legs looked like tree stumps, with my knees and ankles disappearing. This is when I was put in the Time Out corner.

The swelling was so bad, that water started coming out the side of my left calf. If you pushed on the skin, you'd leave a depression. My cat jumped on my lap a couple of times, and she left imprints of her paws prints in the skin. I had to dig out a pair of my 'fat' pants, as my waist size had gone up a couple of inches. On top of it all, I got bursitis in my right shoulder.

Everyone told me "GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!" But, as my fever had broke early on, and the swelling has slowing been getting better. I didn't go to the doctor. One case of edema is Congestive Heart Failure, but I don't think that's my problem, as I can exercise without chest pains.

Today, the water stopped coming out of my skin as much, and though I'm still a bit swollen, and my breathing is still a little labored, especially at night, when I'm lying in bed, I'm holding off on going to the doctor. It's a good thing I can get by on a couple of hours of sleep at night, and am able to doze off for a bit in the daytime.

I think I can say, unlike the TROLL who filed a complaint against me, I'm no WHINER. It takes a lot more than my body swelling up like the Pillsbury Dough Boy to stop me.

Here's my message to the TROLL-

Of course, I don't expect the troll to change or grow some cojones. The troll will always be a troll, rather than a man.

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