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Re: DxO's Comments on this...Strong AA Filter?

Anders W wrote:

MarkyM wrote:

Emilie from DxO has commented on their site saying they "guess" it is a strong AA filter:

"Yes, this is something we checked many times before publish it,...
Sharpness measured on GX7 is a bit low, but pretty close to the GX1 results. We guess there is a strong Anti Alias filter on this cameras."

It seems to me they did something wrong or had a bad unit.

Strong AA filter as an explanation for this kind of discrepancy (worst results for any MFT camera ever tested, including all those with 12 MP sensors)? No way. If that had actually been the case (which is of course extremely unlikely in the first place), it would have been known long ago. Several test sites (inluding SLR Gear/Imaging Resources and optyczne.pl, the Polish counterpart) have looked at the resolution of the sensor without finding anything unusual.

So DxO made a mistake or had a faulty unit. What is really weird is that they went ahead and published the results in spite of the fact that something is clearly wrong.

Mistakes happen. OK. However such mistake should be easy to detect and in this case it shoudl be obvious that something is wrong, if DxO has any kind of reasonableness check, which can be very simple ones, e.g. comparing with similar cameras/sensors/ and old models from the same manufacturer. Even a casual look at the results should trigger alarm bells, for people who do this kind of work in any professional manner. This is strange. On the other hand, when the E-M5 was tested, there was apparent disbelief and reluctance to release the superior performance results. DxO took about 6 months after testing to release their results. For all we know, there could have been some extra diligent checking that time, and perhaps (pure guessing) even adjustments to scoring methods and re-tests. There have just been too much mystery, inconsistencies, and strange cases for me to have confidence in their test results, which often seem to be biased against M43 products.

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