Price Drop ($672) for GR but not Coolpix A

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Re: GR ... going, going ...

Andrewteee wrote:

photoreddi wrote:

Jimmy jang Boo wrote:

Time will tell, but I don't think so. There's still a strong demand for the GR. That's something the Coolpix A never had. I bet Nikon will discontinue the A before Ricoh discontinues the GR.

Don't be too sure. Amazon and B&H still have the GR in stock but Adorama doesn't, and instead of saying "Out of stock", they show no price and say "We’re sorry, this item is no longer available."

B&H is my bellwether for knowing if a product is discontinued.

I'd like to think that, but B&H occasionally gets it wrong. Examples. The GRD IV was listed several months ago not as "Out of stock", but as "Discontinued". Then a month or two later, B&H got some more new GRD IV stock and continued to sell them for a while. I wanted to buy the CA-2 remote cable for the GRD IV, which B&H used to sell, but now they also said that it was "Discontinued". Today it's not even listed. Yet the CA-2 must still be manufactured, since it's the remote that's Ricoh says is the remote to use with the new GR. Adorama has the CA-2 in stock and it can also be bought from Amazon, eBay and Ricoh. I notified B&H about this twice over the last several months but to no avail, so B&H's bellwether rating has slipped a bit.


It's hard to tell whether the GR was a big success or not much of a success, despite a general assumption that it was selling well. But the GR LE was supposedly limited to 5,000 copies, worldwide, sold directly by Pentax/Ricoh. Yet after a month they started appearing from many camera dealers in the USA, Canada and the UK, so unless Ricoh wasn't being honest and produced more than the claimed 5,000, the GR LE didn't sell as well as Ricoh assumed it would.

From what I've seen the GR brought in more new Ricoh camera buyers than previous GRD models. It has always been a niche camera, but my assumption is that the GR is more successful than the previous models. Has it peaked or plateaued... I don't know.

I saw the GR LE and did not like it. I can see why it may not sell well.

By looks alone, maybe. Its grip is less than wonderful, smooth and not as 'grippy' as the other GR models. But this wouldn't be known, really, while it was only available for about a month as a pre-order from Ricoh/Pentax.


The only positive I can see from this is that there may soon be a GR VI in the works. If so, I wonder if it will use the same lens. It would be interesting to see a GR with a 21mm or a 35mm lens, but that would be a real tradition changer. A 21mm version would probably be more popular with DSLR owners.

The GR(D) line has always had about an 18 month lifecycle. We should not see a new one any time soon and I personally have no idea what they could improve - the camera is that good. In my view adding more focal lengths would be the best new thing for the line.

The sad thing for me is that the GR is the only "Ricoh" camera currently available and there are no Pentax mirrorless options. But... I would certainly expect something along those lines early next year. It is bound to happen.

Agreed. Let it be.

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