GX7 vs E-M1 IQ difference?

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DxO is probably right and quite positive about GX7 IQ!

But the guy who says it shows a horrible performance is not. DxO shows that the difference is rather small.

Or in their words "Compared to rival offerings, the GX7 performs very similarly to that of the Olympus PEN E-P5 (a model that’s thought to share the same sensor as the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and the Panasonic GH3) and it’s only -1/3 of a stop in overall image quality behind the 16-Mpix Sony NEX-6.

The eight-point lead of the Sony is slight in real terms. With a Color Depth Score of 22.6 bits, the GX-7 is -2/3 stop behind the Sony, and around -1 stop less than that model in dynamic range. Perhaps most telling of all is the gains made in the low-light score. It’s just -1/2 stop less compared with the Sony, and around -1/3 less than the Olympus."

Note that the Sony NEX6 sensor scores better than the EM1 in DxO ratings....so. And this can be found in DxOs EM1 review:

"Against the flagship Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3, the E-M1 performs almost identically in the lab, and it’s remarkably close to the larger APS-C sensor equipped Sony NEX-6."

EM1 performs similar to the GH3. GX7 does the same. So no: there is no significant difference in the end. The EM1 does perform a bit better nevertheless.

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