Sylus 1 much lower IQ than PL5/PM2 with 40-150mm

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Re: Sylus 1 much lower IQ than PL5/PM2 with 40-150mm

bbq797 wrote:

Funny you should mention that- I'm looking to upgrade from PL2; at first considered gx7. But, then figured that at this point, I'm mostly taking pics of kids, parties, sports etc, so figured Sylus 1 might be easier than switching lenses all the time. THEN I saw epl5 w/rebate on lenses (12-40 perhaps) So, although waayy more money than I wanted to spend, seriously thinking about pl5 (cheaper than sylus) and maybe 12-40 lens.

I know a point & shoot would not be the same quality as four thirds, but thought maybe it would meet my needs. If there really is that big a difference and it is subpar, than perhaps I should just stick w/upgrading to gx7 or pl5.

If you get a chance, can you post some pics?

Don't worry too much about Photo Perzon's opinions.  While I actually like to follow his adventures and enjoy his posts, the truth is he flits from camera to camera about every 10 minutes and complains mightily about almost all of them.  So you have to take his experiences in context.

Not sure why you think you would be saving money to get cheaper PL5 and also the 12-40 lens! Perhaps you could look at the EPM2 - they are now available with 2 lenses for less than $500, and still would give you much improved sensor over what you currently have.

I don't have the Stylus but do have XZ1 and lots of m4/3 gear.  The m4/3 stuff is always better in low light and for pixel peepers and those who heavily process files.  But in good or even medium light (or using off camera flash), the XZ1 provides excellent photos, in part because the lens is so good.  I don't hesitate to use my XZ1 indoors in normal household or office/store lighting.  The Stylus should be even better, with updated sensor.

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