Price Drop ($672) for GR but not Coolpix A

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Re: GR ... going, going ...

telemach wrote:

Adorama doesn't, and instead of saying "Out of stock", they show no price and say "We’re sorry, this item is no longer available."

last I checked (few minutes ago) it was available

You're right. Adorama's website seems to have been slightly redesigned and it's buggy. When I did a search for "Ricoh GR" it returned a list of new and used products, but the page wasn't really showing the right products and the one link for the new GR (using search) wasn't the same one that I found by finding the GR the non-search way, selecting cameras/P&S cameras/Ricoh, and then using the GR link from there. I've never searched for or attempted to view discontinued items, but that seems to be what Adorama's website used for my default search, even though there shouldn't be anything in my Adorama cookies that indicates "discontinued".


I think GR is just arriving to stores in some countries like for example Poland; it was exotic and only two stores had this in stock, now it's more and in december edition of Digital Camera magazine there is a review that should convince people to buy this neat gear

For anyone in the USA (where there's lots of snow, like where I am) Adorama has a couple of used, white as snow GRD IV's that would be great for stealth street shooting.

Oddly, one shows a white GRD IV but the photo used for the other one shows the usual black GR IV. The price is $349 and both are listed in E+ condition so the price is decent, neither great nor terrible, and I've read that the white version was another Limited Edition GR model and not widely available. So after these go it may be a while before any more show up.

White/white GRD IV

White/black GRD IV

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