Camera Bag or Belt solution? EPL5

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Re: Camera Bag or Belt solution? EPL5

My new bag arrived in this mornings mail. "Digital Concepts" kit from an outfit called "Color Electronics (located in NJ/USA0. $9.99 US) and came with the  Case, Tripod, Cleaning Kit, straps.

The best part is that it is slightly larger( about 3/8" all over) than the previous bag from them, so the E-PL5/17mm plus the VF-2 in its pouch, slides easily into the main compartment. (kind of tight with the older model)

It has another compartment  in the front that holds a spare battery and memory card. On the back is a belt loop. Heavy duty shoulder strap that snaps on both sides.  Currently the little flash, in its pouch, is wrapped around the shoulder strap with its Velcro. Maybe this flash, later, will live in the main bag, as I don't use it very often.

Overall size with the bag packed with the camera etc. is roughly 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 6 inches.

All the other E-PL5 bits and pieces, like cables, charger and  other lens will stay in the old DSLR bag that can be grabbed  easily.

I put my other PEN, a E-PM1, into the old "Digital Concepts" bag, as it fits better, but has the same (less lens) gear.

I now have a kit that can be a "grab and out the door" and the camera is protected, better than in the coat pocket.  Most of the time I don't need to drag all that extra stuff around, but I can grab the DSLR case if I want.

Since I have had the PEN's, I did a listing of what I have been using as far as lenses. The 17mm seems to live on the camera. This is my reason for this small bag.

Why have I been doing the carry around of the  other lens when I know that I probably won't use them?  Kind of defeats the concept of M43.

My 35mm macro lens came in second for use and the 40-150mm came in a distant third, so they are now in the big DSLR bag. Still available for a hike etc.. My big DSLR lenses are also available if needed.

So I will give this small bag a try for awhile.


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