Can I take picture of Moon with Sony alpha Nex-F3?

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Re: Can I take picture of Moon with Sony alpha Nex-F3?

A lot of very important things are said allready, I will give my 2cnt here:

1. Exposure:
It is hard to give a good exposure rule for the moon there are different things to take in considering:

-Size of the moon. The full moon will give much more light then a small sickle of the moon.-Place of the moon: the higher the moon is on the sky the shorter the wxposure will be.

2. Focussing:

This is the hardest part of the picture taking. Forget AF, it is not accurate enough to get good quality pictures. Place your camera on a tripod and aim at the moon. Then manual focus, with magnification. Take some pictures, examine the picture on a large screen (PC or HDMI output to large TV) readjust focus, take a picture again. and go on until the picture is as sharp as you can get.

An other way to focus is to aim your camera on a bright star and focus on that, you could use a batimov mask (google it) or just focus on the star, and then move to the moon...

3. Size of the moon:

Full moon is hard to get good pictures with lots of details. Half moon has much more details at the place where dark meets light. So it is much easier to focus on there.

4. Take a lot of pictures and stack them:

You can take a lot of pictures and stack them with a program like Registax (free ware, google it)) You will get much sharper pictures. You can process the end result in Photoshopp or an other program.

The next result I took with a special astro camera (Atik with 1.3 Mega Pixels!) and a 1000mm F5 Newton Telescope. I had to take 3 pictures of the moon to cover the whole surface. Every picture was made out of 100 pictures that where stacked in Registax. After stacking those pictures I made one panorama picture out of them in photoshop and procesed them in a special astro processing program (Astra image). Due to an error in my filterwheel I used an Blue filter for the moon.

Maan Atik - Skywatcher 1000mm F5 (200mm mirror) newton telescope.

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