Can I take picture of Moon with Sony alpha Nex-F3?

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Re: Can I take picture of Moon with Sony alpha Nex-F3?

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

uhligfd wrote:

How did you manage to break the f/11 or f/16 rule three fold:

You mentioned ISO 200, f/7.1 and 1/80 sec exposure:

Iso f/11rule requires at ISO 200: speed = 1/200 sec, aperture around f/11. Your speed (1/80) was around 1 1/2 stops longer, your( f/7.1) aperture 1 1/3 stop wider … yet your pic looks ok. But we do not see its exif data, do we?

Something is dreadfully wrong with your advice: a picture taken as you said would be overexposed by around 3 stops.

Can you explain, please.

The exif is correct (image is hosted on flickr, and exif taken from there). For this particular image, I wasn't thinking any rule, but getting the reddish color of the moon.

The rule might apply once the moon is high and bright.

Yes I can see it now: the f/7.1 was off camera and the machine did not know that there was a 1.7 x TC attached, so the modified exposure was actually at around f/11 (1.5 stops due to TC). Now the moon was filtered by the dingy atmosphere as well, accounting for the remaining 1 - 2 stops of being outside the f/11 rule. Ok then.

I did not realize that the f value was probably miscomputed in the exif data automatically. So: beware of exif data! My bad.

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