X-E1 - Finally Pulled The Trigger!

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Re: X-E1 - Finally Pulled The Trigger!

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I have been wanting an X-E1 for awhile now and Crutchfield had an outlet special today on the silver one with 18-55 for $719 shipped. I know the X-E2 is out but did not want to spend that much. Cannot wait to try it out later in the week...I know to update the firmware first for both the lens and the body. I am a JPEG shooter and Fuji looks hard to beat in JPEG quality.

Great choice. I am one of those who believe you've got the one with the better image quality anyway. X-E2 is just not up to par with what you get out of camera with the X-E1.

Well done, enjoy your fantastic little camera.

For JPEGs I think that is definitely true. I am thinking the same after returning my X-E2 - however I worry about focusing indoors in low light.

Have you tried it?

I'm betting you wouldn't be able to identify which JPEGs were from the X-E1 and from the X-E2 if you had them side by side with the EXIF data stripped out. I find them essentially indistinguishable, especially when I set Shadow setting to -1 on the X-E2. Even if you could identify them, whether the quality of one is better than the other is largely a matter of subjective taste.

They're both lovely cameras, with the X-E2 being somewhat quicker. Firmware updates, including the one due out in a couple of days, place them on a more even playing field. X-E1 owners are being given, free of charge, many of the "improvements" of the X-E2.

One doesn't have to dismiss the X-E2 or claim it is inferior to be amazed at the quality of images from the X-E1.  Absolutely fantastic!

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