D800: charge EN-EL15 through the camera

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Re: D800: charge EN-EL15 through the camera

garyhgaryh wrote:

Is there a way to charge the EN-EL15 through the camera body? I have a battery grip and want to be able to charge the EN-EL15 w/o taking off the battery grip.



You'll end up with 2 cameras. While one charging your battery, another one ready to shoot. And both cameras will weight and price 2x each. And no warranties while using charging.

So  D800 will be D4 size and weight more. In-camera charging isn't just logic.

Reliable charger (100/240V) must:

1. Resist regular pikes of 1000 V and short ( 1 ms) of 10000 V. (at least 2 inches air space from other (metal shielded) components

2. Dissipate around 10 W of heat. (It is not possible for battery buried inside camera body)

3. Be completely heat resistant upto 120 degrees C. (while outer cover must not burn your palm)

4. had completely electrically shielded all components (Iron Box around it).

And will still have a chance to melt, burn and smoke while plugged in wall outlet. Because your neighbour may use electric welding in his garage while you charge your camera, or lightning may hit your power line, or you charge from badly diesel-generator while travelling, or for 100500 other reasons. Chargers alone broke down frequently, especially in journeys. Buth they cost no more than 400 bucks.


86. Chances that you occasionally pull the power cord and broke down your $6000 camera and lens are high too...

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