Occasional focus hunting with FT lens on EM1: SWD helps?

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Re: Second FT lens trial

W A Stewart wrote:

Dr. J3, I will call you (if that's OK): I think you express the tradeoffs well. The one other thing that concerns me is the size of the 12-60 on even a largish mFt like the EM1, but that is an obvious point.

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W Alex Stewart

Size is relative to what one has experience with.  The E-M1 + adaptor + FTs lens + grip is subjectively not that different  from the E5 in size and weight.  The FTs lenses are actually a little better balanced on the DSLR cameras they designed for.  I think individuals who are accustomed to the MFT camera/lens size and focus speeds will be somewhat disappointed with the 12-60 on the E-M1 especially if they want to photograph moving subjects in lower light.  That is not something I do very often and I still have my E5 when I need to do this.  The extra 40-60mm makes it worth it to me since I don't mind the size or weight and I use it primarily outdoors in reasonably good light.  The MFT 12-40 and the upcoming 40-150 would probably be a better combination than the 12-60 and 50-200 for most users, however, even these are much larger and heavier than the typical MFT lens

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