Snowy hunt PE with XP-1

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Snowy hunt PE with XP-1

We’ve had four or five snow storms here, which is unusual for this early in the winter. The dogs and I love it. We got out to run in the mountains and to chase birds in the snow a couple of times so far. Here are some recent upland hunting photos.

Chase giving a nice point and Maggie honoring his point.

When I walked in to flush this point, I was expecting a big pheasant to thunder into the air and was taken by surprise when a tiny quail rocketed away just over the top of the cover. I only had a .410 that day, so a certain amount of luck was involved in connecting on that bird. Chase did a high speed retrieve, leaving a little rooster tail of snow in the air behind him:

Here ya go, Boss:

Here is a double dog point (both are in the scent cone at the same time instead of just one pointing and the other honoring) for the 1940’s vintage .410 Model 42:

That one actually was a big cock pheasant and Chase made the retrieve in the snow:

15.5 year old Maggie pinned one in a thick fence row – very cool!

It was another nice cock pheasant - it hit the dinner table that very evening - yum!

Both dogs liked whatever scent was wafting out of this overgrown fence row and were giving it careful attention.

After working it for a couple minutes, both pointed – but in different directions. So, who actually has the bird? It turns out that Maggie pointed where the bird was at first, then it ran down the row, right into Chase who pinned it for the gun with his point.

The little .410 and some of the birds at day’s end by the ruins of an 18 century barn:

Deer season is finally over and ruffed grouse season has opened again. Tomorrow we are going to hunt more or less out the front door in the mountains where we live. It's snowing as I write this and quite cold, so hopefully we'll have some nice fresh snow for our hunt. A local ruffed grouse is a real trophy – in the past two years, we’ve hunted probably hundreds of miles for them and only killed one – so it is likely we’ll do a lot of hunting in recent clear-cut areas of the big woods and very little shooting, but who can resist being out in this beautiful winter weather?

As always, C&C on the photography is most welcome; and Maggie, Chase and I hope you enjoyed coming along with us.

Perhaps those who hate hunting and hunters would kindly refrain from making this thread about something other than photography – as long as you live in a manner consistent with your beliefs, I acknowledge and respect your views, but you aren’t going to change my mind and I’m not going to change yours – so let’s just agree to respectfully disagree and talk about photography instead.


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