How to get focus peaking highlights to show on GX7?

Started Dec 16, 2013 | Questions thread
Dave Lively Senior Member • Posts: 1,853
Re: How to get focus peaking highlights to show on GX7?

As long as it is enabled in the menus peaking should show all the time when you have a manual lens attached.  Try setting it to high if you are not seeing it.  Peaking is based on what is shown in the display.  If your manual focus lens is soft it might not show up, something has to be in focus for it to show up.  There will also be less peaking showing if you are at a high magnification level.

If you shoot in raw you have a couple of other options that will effect peaking.  Since it is based on the display cranking up the contrast and sharpness in the picture controls will result in more peaking.  If you set the photo style to monochrome and the peaking color to yellow it will really stand out.

But if it is on you should see plenty of peaking at the default settings.  The only time I crank it up is if I want to see peaking at high magnification levels.

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