SOLVED: Importing images from CF cards into iPad

Started Dec 13, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: SOLVED: Importing images from CF cards into iPad

Boomanbb wrote:

Well, I can tell you that I can easily read a microdrive with this powered hub setup since the battery pack is supplying the power. Not that I would want to use that slow card, rather it was a demonstration that by using a powered hub you can access devices previously off limits to the iPad.


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I've been speaking about a not externally powered solution - something that Apple have deliberately disabled after the 3.2.0 "fiasco" in iPad 1. (3.2.0 still allowed for "high" power peripherals. Then, Apple noticed they really don't want to power external peripherals, including all kinds of USB sticks, to protect their lucrative $100 / capacity doubling storage business. This is why they introduced the 100 mA restriction in 3.2.1 and all iPad firmware versions ever since.)

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