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Something we can share

I have been a member of this forum on and off since Feb 2006. I have seen this forum change as it must change because nothing ever stays the same it will always evolve. When I first started posting here we had lots of threads about Leica history and collecting and Leica lore etc the came the introduction of the M8 and suddenly we had the "why would anyone in their right mind pay so much for a dated camera?" or why doesn't Leica do this or that.  Now days we have mostly images which I am happy to say is really quite unique and quite wonderful.

I would venture to guess that most of you like me are amateur photographers and frankly there are not a lot of opportunities to show our work to anyone other than family members or the local camera club unless of course the Local camera club is an hour drive each way.  So having this unique forum with all you unique photographers some of whom are very gifted is a kind of life line if you will, a place to show our work which I am also guessing we spend a lot of time on and agonize over to folks who are in the same situation and get something way better than "thats nice dear will you take the dog out"

I am also betting that many of use have other passions besides photography so I thought I would share some of mine with you and hope you  all will share yours as well.

I am a amateur wood worker and I have made all my own furniture which I am posting a few pics for you to see what kind of wood work I do.

This was of course constructed from a kit but still a very challenging project. Sadly while I never was much good at playing it my arthritis makes it almost impossible. sounds good though when I labor through an invention now and then, took over a year to do the wood work and another year to get my late best friend to paint it.

This china and glass cabinet was built before I moved here and is pretty typical of my designs. other than the Harpsichord all the designs are my own

my teak desk and arcade which I use ever day for hours on end while chatting. and note the lovely distortion of the lamp

I also have a minor watch collection and I love vintage sound.

my watches tend towards the cheap side but I had fun making the cabinet.

Dynaco stereo 70 heavily modified and rewired by me. works and sounds spectacular. the dark spot is where the stupid sunshade blocked the flash

for you young pups out there the ar3a is as far as I know the only speaker on display at the smithsonian

I am hoping you will all share your other passions with us as we get to know each other better.  Oh and I forgot I also play bridge,

love this forum

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bosjohn aka John Shick

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