Poll: What Camera did you get on the end? A7 or A7R ?

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The magic $2K mark

radissimo wrote:

What Camera did you get on the end?

For a research paper with an early January deadline, I'm trying to get a FF sensor behind optics that wouldn't fit on DSLRs but easily adapt to E/FE mount. Both A7/A7R are in stock various places, so why did I just buy an A7 when the A7R's sensor would be a real advantage for this work?

Any camera over $2000 requires paperwork through purchasing at my university rather than simple business credit card purchase (which I just did to get an A7). That paperwork adds a minimum of about a two-week delay to actually ordering an A7R. The delay is particularly daunting when a camera could easily go out of stock while that paperwork is happening, potentially pushing the delivery date even later. Note that if the Sony A7R was available from any of the "preferred vendors" for my university this wouldn't be a problem, but of course it isn't yet.

Anyway, I think this is a real issue. I suspect that the A7R's pricing makes buying it take the slow path in a lot of institutions/companies. I don't see the A7 as an "end," but as a quick fix with good potential for other uses in the longer term (e.g., development platform for using Sony's API). Little doubt I'll eventually I'll get an A7R too....

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