Overall best digital compact for concert photography

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Re: Overall best digital compact for concert photography

Perhaps I expected too much.  For the price though, it should have delivered (it's not a cheap digital compact!).

I think part of the issue was I was in the wrong place - the front of the stage was the place to be from a photography point of view, not the pit.  There was too much movement from the rear stage to the front stage by performers that made it hard for a camera to keep up in low light etc.

A friend got superb images from the front of the stage with a $200 Lumix...right place at the right time.  She had a pit ticket too, but when we were evacuated out of the pit sections, I got lost from her and had no idea where she was.  I should have stuck closer and followed her!!!

I kept shooting at ISO 1600 - just as well too, cos the noise was not super.  Not super terrible, but not super either.  I know it's a smaller sensor etc.  I really wish manufacturers would stop mucking around with the pixel wars and put out larger sensors with 10mp or so for increased pixel size and high ISO performance.  I guess the pixel wars just show how gullible and stupid the majority of the population is, and how eager the manufacturers are to appease their stupidity.


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