GX7 Lens Review on DxO

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Re: GX7 Lens Review on DxO

yes, i know this is a crappy photo as a photo, but i had just received my 12-32 lens and mounted it on my new gx7 i got just day before yesterday. i wanted to show how 'retro' the combination looked and started to just shoot the camera with my iphone but decided instead to shoot into a mirror so i could show the camera/lens and a hint of how the lens was doing. this was taken in my bathroom mirror (which was smudged and dirty as hell) under low, crappy lighting and i'm sure could use some white balance adjustment. but i was astonished at the quality and i'm not easily astonished having been photographing since the box camera 620 days--way before the term 'selfie' became a meme, that's for sure!

as i said, this is the very first frame i've shot with this camera and there is absolutely no editing except i renamed the file with my preferred filename schema. i had forgotten to set my raw+jpeg and so all i got with this first shot was the jpg. i do have the i.dynamic and i.resolution turned on as i've determined they can be very helpful in certain lighting situations by using older panasonic models but no other style or filter settings.

anyway, look at the detail in this image and tell me that it's worse than then gx1-which i also have. and i owned the em5 for about a year and i never got an image of this quality out of it even with lenses of 4x the price. if it wasn't dark i'd go and try my 75/1.8 right now, but hey, there's a full moon at 0230--i might see what i can do with it.

to say i'm satisfied with my new combo is a vast understatement and i am ignoring everything dxo mark says about this camera until perhaps they re-test it. and i'm a very satisfied user of their dxo optics pro, viewpoint, and filmpack products so i have no beef with dxo whatsoever.

sorry for inflicting ya 'selfie' on the world. just testing ... 2...3...4


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