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Re: Imaging resource results with 0.3 firmware?

Ontario Gone wrote:

Advent1sam wrote:

In any event they found resolution comparable with em-1, a little behind maybe. Maybe dxo have found something though that Pana should investiagte and comment on?

I don't know man, i know DPR has work to do in the noise comparison area as their settings are not always normalized, but when comparing cameras at base iso, it gives a fairly good representation of resolving power. Especially when the new test scene is much more 2 dimensional so DOF is less an issue. According to this, looking at GX7/EM5/EM1/EPL5, at base iso, the GX7 looks the best.

Pretty much all the DPR samples (new studio scene, daylight) for MFT cameras are suspect as far as resolution is concerned. Noone knows for sure why, but sharpness looks significantly better from ISO 800 on, where the cameras are shot at shutter speeds that fall outside shutter-shock territory. Only the GM1 (electronic first curtain shutter) seems entirely unaffected. Among the others, the unexpected difference in sharpness across the ISO range is perhaps least pronounced for the GX7 (and the E-M5, which was tested with the 50/2 rather than the 45/1.8 and looks like it suffers from slightly incorrect focus more than anything else) but I see some traces of it for the GX7 too.

The DxO lens test results for the GX7 are presumably off for some completely different reason. Hard to know exactly what went wrong but something clearly did. Of course, the GX7 can be expected to do at least as well as other Pany cameras with 16 MP sensors and the DxO figures are far off that mark. Weird that DxO didn't react but simply went ahead and published the results.

Maybe it's a focus thing, maybe DPR used horribad lenses on the Olympus cameras? I would guess DXO screwed something up rather than DPR in this respect.

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