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Re: Franiec grip, tripod plates

brentbrent wrote:

I don't have a GM1 and likely never will, but I do have a Canon S90 with a Franiec grip. The grip helps a great deal, is well made, and looks good (machined aluminum, I think, and either anodized or powder coated?).

Yes. All my grips are made of the aircraft grade aluminum alloy, individually 3D CNC machined, glass bead blasted and anodized for good looks and durability which can outlast some of the camera finishes.

Here it is with a very tiny RRS tripod plate attached to the camera:

The Franiec grip is designed to be used (or at least this is how I use it) with the middle finger wrapping around it, pointing down:

This is the intended way of using the S90/S95 grip. On some larger models you can also use more fingers on the grip depending on the weight load. This should come up naturally.

I'm not really sure if the metal Panasonic grip for the GM1 is designed to be used the same way, or more with two or three finger tips wrapping around that knurled post and gripping it that way.

I don't get all the comments that you can't use the GM1 with a tripod plate and larger diameter lenses. Y'all just need smaller tripod plates! Here's the bottom view of the RRS plate that's on my S90:

Exactly right. I tried GM1 on mini tripod. I could even change the battery and card without removing it from the tripod. However my Gitzo plate was blocking the battery door from full opening.

I think this plate is designed for the S90. Allows the battery door to be opened when mounted in this position.

The RRS ballhead clamps sideways onto this plate. You can slide the camera far enough forward in the clamp that the lens would clear the tripod no matter how big the lens is. The same should work for the GM1. This particular plate has a little lip that extends up along the front edge of the S90 (you can see it in the first photo, above). If that doesn't fit with the GM1, it could perhaps be reversed, or ground down. Or, here's the RRS plate that I'm using with my GX7, which doesn't have a lip on top:

A good number of plates can be used in many configurations. Your examples are just perfect illustration. But the plate require tripod socket. once you lose it, what is the point?

I'm able to tilt my LCD up or down with this plate on (something that someone else said they couldn't do, in a different thread). On the GM1, which doesn't have a tilting screen, the mounting bolt for this plate could if necessary be inserted in the slot shown here in the plate, and reverse the plate so it protrudes a bit toward the back. Then, again, clamp it sideways in the tripod clamp, with the camera far enough forward that any lens will clear the clamp.

Perhaps some other ballhead brands don't offer small plates like these by RSS, but I find these work great and I don't think there would be any problem with using them with any lens on the GM1.

Again, good point. We are blessed to have so many choices to pick from. It is all about the priorities and the degree you can accept the particular design with open mind.

The official Panasonic grip for the GM1 looks kind of cool, but I'd sure be reluctant to spend $100, have to remove it each time to change the battery, and have to remove it each time to use it with a tripod. I'd much rather go with a Franiec grip.

Thank you Brent. The thread started with flipbac grip. It will possibly cover most of your requirements as well as the one I'm planning for GM1. The last thing on my mind would be to hijack the OP for showing the alternatives to OEM grip. A different times since introduction of my maiden, uncontested accessories for Powershot G7 in 2007. I have no problem to compete, of course.


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