A7/A7R for new customers, or old?

Started Dec 16, 2013 | Polls thread
sroute Senior Member • Posts: 2,497
Re: Not enough choices

Just saw SQLGuy's last post - gathering from your intent that you are wondering how many DSLR-only shooters are coming through.

My guess is that the numbers of "I shot mirrorless before buying an A7/r" whether that was their primary system or not will be fairly high. Given the A7/r cameras have but two lenses available at present, those buying the cameras either have to love kit lenses or fixed 35mm primes, or must be open to adapting other lenses. What user group has more experience with adapting lenses over any other? Mirrorless shooters.

That said the Canon forums (not just here) have lots of talk about the A7r because it gives them something Canon can't deliver, and they can mount their existing lenses. Those folks might not be hanging out in this forum however.

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