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Re: GX7 Lens Review on DxO

Pictures shooter wrote:

Generally any scores that may have influence on sales are just waiting for its good sponsor..... and it seems not all testers are able to to resist the temptation...

It's so bitterly to get to know, just recently they looked so impartial and respectable...

Olympus suddenly got absolutely unexpected help from mysterious Mrs Fortune who so softly whispered - Yeah Honey, now you can resolutely decrease your advertising budget, Panny is not a strong competitor anymore...

Sorry, I just retell my strange night dream, forget it...

What is interesting, is how Oly has partnered with sony, a well known now-mirrorless competitor, and maker of sensors that compete with Panasonic sensors. Furthermore, Panasonic is developing their own bayer color filter replacement that will net them a full stop of light (huge advantage over Olympus and other APSC sensors once it's in place), and also joint developing a new organic sensor with Fuji (offering another 20% better light absorption). I'm not sure what is to become of this because Pany and Oly are tied to the same mount. It's a very odd situation.

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