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Re: GX7 Lens Review on DxO

Pictures shooter wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

I have also found DXO test results often odd. Just when everybody expects the latest M43 cameras to achieve higher performance levels and to get even more competitive with DSLRs, as reported by some other testers/bloggers, DXO again surprised us with scores that are even lower than older models. Unbelievable! Maybe DXO's own testing methods and their transparency should be reviewed.

It would be nice to get a sample of a grass they were smoking.
I see that Olympus 75mm F1.8 on old, more than four-year old Panasonic GH1 has 9 mysterious units called "P-Mpix",
but the same lens on GX7 provides only miserable 7 "P-Mpix",
and even the oldest, I would say ancient, five-year (!) Panasonic G1 still provides 8 "P-Mpix".
Panasonic's development team are not even able just to repeat its result of distant past 2008...
It's too far beyond the bound of any explicable common sense.
It looks like DxO use some magic coefficient that depends on how well should go sales of competing vendor cameras...

Thanks for these examples. Good to know it's not just me. It is confusing when new, non-standard and "mysterious" performance units are used and they are not or cannot be explained fully to let people comprehend how they are arrived at or how they are relevant to what we see. I certainly cannot understand those P-Mpix scores. I have also been puzzled by a number of other DXO results, including those for the E-M5 and Sigma 60mm, and particularly by the huge delay in the release of their test results (tests performed long ago but not released) for th E-M5 at a time when that camera was all the rage and DXO's subsequent less enthusiastic than most other reputable reviewers' results. That was when I first started to have doubts about its reliability and impartiality, and unfortunately the odd scoring has continued since, with odd scores now and then apparently often with M43 products.

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