Occasional focus hunting with FT lens on EM1: SWD helps?

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Re: Second FT lens trial

G1Shooter wrote:

Can't help with a reply, but am very interested as to what others say as I am considering a 50-200 SWD for my EM-1.

If the max aperture trumps reach and/or focus speed, then there's really nothing that can replace the 50-200mm in the current m4/3 lineup. If you need maximum reach (and especially if you plan on using the 1.4x TC), then I would suggest the Olympus 75-300mm or Panasonic 100-300mm lenses, since these are *much* smaller and *much* lighter than the 50-200mm + 1.4x TC combination, and the difference in light-gathering is quite small. Even with SWD, the 50-200mm feels relatively glacial in comparison to the 100-300mm. And both of the m4/3 lenses are probably underrated as far as sharpness goes, likely due to the general difficulty of getting good photos at 600mm EFL.

(Yes, I'm terrible at it, so I should know. No, I'm not insulting everyone else.)

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