Near Future Plans for Fuji X

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Near Future Plans for Fuji X

Just watched an interview with a Fuji X manager and was asked several questions. This is what I took away from that video interview.

Fuji can and will keep improving the camera with firmware as long as possible. Their idea is that you use the camera longer and that if I understand is the idea behind the firmware updates.

They said no Full Frame plans because you not only have a larger body but you need a new line of lenses.

He said if the public wants full frame he wants to hear why they should do it. I have no idea how you actually get your voice officially heard. I have no idea who decided on the past FW updates and what the process is, they did not say.

The Xpro-1 is staying for now, but they are looking into improvement and that could mean FW or a new body, but who knows.

He said the size of the X100s was pretty much the general size they want to keep their bodies for now at least.

He classified the Xpro-1 as a Pro camera and the XE-1 & XE-2 as a Pro and a mid range so call it overlap. The XA and XM are below that.

He thinks their are enough lenses in the Fuji X system, but again he said Fuji likes user input, but never said how that actually happens.

In short, it sounds like Fuji will do a firmware update before creating a new camera unless the demand is there.

So how did Fuji decide to do the XE-2 and what was the breaking point that caused them to do this.

The interviewer in this video was not what I call asking comprehensive questions. Yes, their was the language barrier and I do not know if their is a similar video in Japanese, basically did something get lost in translation, I have no idea.

So strap in and make your camera work, think very hard before buying in to the Fuji X system since I get they are not in a huge hurry to crank out camera bodies, but make what they have work as long as possible.

If that is the case it makes a case at least for me that if certain speed and reaction is really needed it is Micro Four Thirds or a DSLR. It now makes me re-think buying any more Fuji lenses like that 56 mm 1.2 which I am sure will easily be $900 - $1,400 lens. For that you have many options if that guess is correct, but that lens does not exist yet.

Fujifilm X100S
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