Decisions, decisions - X-Pro1 or X-E2?

Started Dec 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Decisions, decisions - X-Pro1 or X-E2?

OP...someone above implied many are returning their XE2 cams. I'm not aware of that, but worth looking into.

I own a D800 and X Pro 1 (14,35,60 lenses) (now I would buy 14,23,56). I would probably give up the hybrid viewfinder for the better AF and faster write speeds of the XE2. After watching the interview with Fuji's X series manager, I'm not expecting a XP2 any time soon. Something new at CES, but not XP2. New firmware to improve AF etc on XP1?...yes. Hopefully the XP1 will get some "TLC" like the x100 received.

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