Poll: Start a new forum to split full frame/APS-C E-mount on DPReview?

Started Dec 16, 2013 | Polls thread
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Poll: Start a new forum to split full frame/APS-C E-mount on DPReview?

POLL : Ask DPReview to create a separate forum for NEX/APS-C E-Mount?

Some posters on DPReview would like a separate Sony Alpha APS-C E-mount forum where NEX users can share information. Others like the current forum setup. Here is your chance to vote on what you would like. Note: This poll is not sponsored by DPReview but would provide suggestions.

The argument for creating a new forum is that adding full frame to this forum has caused an overwhelming amount of full frame discussion and NEX discussions are buried in the threads. Threads started fall off the front page too quickly and users can't differentiate full frame from APS-C discussion.

The alternative argument is that E-mount alone is the shared interest on this forum and there is no need to break out NEX/APS-C E-mount discussion.

Keep in mind what would be best for the future with new full frame and APS-C E-mount cameras (hopefully) coming from Sony.

Current forums for Sony on DPReview

1) Sony Cyber-shot Talk

2) Sony Alpha SLR/SLT A-Mount talk

3) Sony Alpha/NEX E-Mount talk


1) Sony Cyber-shot talk

2) Sony Alpha A-mount talk

3) Sony Alpha FF E-mount talk

4) Sony Alpha NEX/APS-C E-mount talk

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Yes - Break out Sony Alpha APS-C E-mount in a separate forum
70.4% 169  votes
No - Keep status quo : three forums only
29.6% 71  votes
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