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Re: Flash for EM5

FL-LM2 (came with camera) - ok from 3-6 feet, definite light fall off with 14mm farther away.

FL-14R - about 1 stop better than FL-LM2 & much less light fall off (if at all) at 14mm wide angle. Slight red-eye with 42mm telephoto shots. Is smaller than others below, so compliments well my E-M5 w/o grip. Available in black or silver. Uses 2 AAA's. Full discharge to full charge about 3 seconds. This I use the most unless doing off camera flash stuff.

FL-300R - no red eye with telephoto. Is much taller than FL-14R & only available in silver so stands out on E-M5. Can be used wireless with FL-LM2 as trigger flash. Tilts down a bit for macro shots & up for ceiling bounce lighting, though off camera wireless gives better lighting angle control. No light fall off at normal panel setting & has extra wide panel switch for 10-12mm lenses. Uses 2 AAA's. Full discharge to full charge about 4 seconds.

With above flashes, I sometimes use white film canister as diffuser - has a slit cut then slide over flash & tape top part to keep it there. Also flash compensation of +3 or +7 gives that flash look I'm used to, diffuser or not. 0.0 flash comp. looks half stop under & flat to me.

FL-600R, 50R, 40R - much more settings, swivel and tilt, and power than above. Looks like typical DSLR flash so makes E-M5 appear smaller than it. These I don't have but dimensions were close to my old 3500xi & mock up on E-M5 made me not get one. I don't need advanced settings or that much power.

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