Long Lens --- How much would you pay?

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Re: Long Lens --- How much would you pay?

AndyGM wrote:

I'm just an advocate for using the best tool for the job. Some of you already have the best tool for this particular job, and you want to give it up and stick it on eBay, then advocate that the tool you're left with is developed to become more like the tool you just got rid of. Makes little sense to me...

What makes little sense to me is buying a $900, 1.5 pound SLR and a $1500, 2 pound lens when all I really need is the lens. Yes the SLR would be a better choice if birding was my most of my photography. But are the advantages of a SLR in this application worth $900? Not for me.

I expect a system camera to be flexible enough to handle most of my needs. I do not expect it to be the best choice for every situation but it should have a solution for most applications I want. I want a small system but am not going to buy a Nikon 1 for when I want small. I like to take landscapes but am not going to buy a D800 system just for landscapes. And I am not going to buy a D7100 with a 300mm f4 and teleconverter when I want a camera with a lot of reach.

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