Price Drop ($672) for GR but not Coolpix A

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Re: Price Drop ($672) for GR but not Coolpix A

Red5TX wrote:

I must say, I am genuinely surprised to see the price of the Ricoh GR continuing to fall (currently at $672 on Amazon) while the $1,099 price of the Nikon Coolpix A remains the same. The Ricoh is closing in on HALF the price of the Nikon!

I simply love my GR. It is a wonderful tool for taking pictures with no obvious flaws and no replacement in sight. I wonder, then, why the price continues to go down. Could it be Ricoh's complete lack of marketing? Their complete lack of brand recognition in the US? And what to make of the fact that Nikon's price remains unmoved? Remarkable.

Ricoh no doubt want to sell a lot of GR cameras.  From day one they showed that they were not going to take any "nonsense" from Nikon on their patch.  Nikon on the other hand were simply "trying it on" and never expected to sell many Nikon A cameras.  Therefore they have no incentive to cut price. Small volume and first time costs of development requires big margins and Nikon most probably would take a bath on the Nikon A should they have to discount it (Ricoh probably knows this and are simply painting the Nikon A into a corner).  Happily Ricoh is selling more (apparently) have always had a reasonable market for this type of cameras, the basic development costs have been amortised over 10 years or more, and can afford a discount to maintain their pre-judged monthly sales targets.

Ricoh watchers have long since noted the build scheduling of what Ricoh markets.  Traditionally the GRD/GR? scheduling seems to have been about four years per model.  With a brushed over half model in-between a the two year interval.  Obviously to meet their sales targets a certain monthly quantity to be sold and presumably Ricoh must do this in one form by making special  deals to on-sellers for bulk purchases to keep the sales moving.  It is hardly a run-out sale but more a prudent marketing policy to keep up the momentum.  I don't know how many cameras of  "a type" Ricoh expects to make and sell but some time ago a per batch of 200,000 was mentioned.  Correct or otherwise it is still a lot of cameras out there for a company without brand recognition.

Hopefully Ricoh will re-engage the market with a revitalised GXR soon enough.

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