Price Drop ($672) for GR but not Coolpix A

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Re: Price Drop ($672) for GR but not Coolpix A

I must say, I am genuinely surprised to see the price of the Ricoh GR continuing to fall (currently at $672 on Amazon) while the $1,099 price of the Nikon Coolpix A remains the same.  The Ricoh is closing in on HALF the price of the Nikon!

I simply love my GR.  It is a wonderful tool for taking pictures with no obvious flaws and no replacement in sight.  I wonder, then, why the price continues to go down.  Could it be Ricoh's complete lack of marketing?  Their complete lack of brand recognition in the US?  And what to make of the fact that Nikon's price remains unmoved?  Remarkable.

Can be all of those and the fact that ricoh might be coming out with a new version and they are trying to burn stock. Or isn't selling well. Or they are trying to dominate the segment by price.

I wouldn't give it much thought unless you bought it for the investment. Enjoy your little camera dude.

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