Long Lens --- How much would you pay?

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Re: Long Lens --- How much would you pay?

Sean Nelson wrote:

AndyGM wrote:

However, this conflicts with the main strength of m43, which is small and light.

That should read: "smaller and lighter". And a 300mm f/4 lens will be a lot smaller and lighter than the 600mm lens that gives an equivalent field of view on a full frame camera.

True, but it won't be all that much smaller and lighter than a 400mm f/4 lens mounted on an APS-C DSLR. I have a good friend who is a avid, and I mean obsessed, birdwatcher. A hobbyist, but obsessed. The guy moved house to be closer to his favourite reserve for pity's sake. What does he use? An APS-C DSLR. Why not a Full Frame DSLR? Because to get the same reach as his 400mm lens, like you say he would need a 600mm lens, and the cost and weight would be prohibitive. He doesn't know anyone that does bird photography with Full Frame DSLRs for just that reason.

The poster before you mentioned a native m43 300mm f/4 should be less than a kilo. My guess would be not much less, based on the 1.2kg and 1.4kg lenses from Canon and Nikon. Those lenses are about 220mm long, the longest m43 lens so far is 126mm long. I will also draw your attention to the prototype 40-140mm Pro lens Olympus has been showing off, which by m43 standards is, as my old Gran would say, a right old bruiser. The proposed Super Tele prime is going to be bigger again. Mount a 150mm long, 800g lens, even on a GH3, and it will be unbalanced, the lens will swamp the body. And then there is talk of optical teleconverters! When Panasonic reps in interviews have already stated they'll never do optical teleconverters for m43 because they loose just as much line pair resolution as digital teleconverters, so they don't see the point.

People, please. I get that there are quite a few that currently have two systems and want to rationalise to one. What I'm reading is a bunch of guys that want to turn a camera system into something like a DSLR. And there already is a system that's something like a DSLR. It's called a DSLR.

So no I didn't mistype before. m43 is small and light. The latest 14-42mm kit lenses from Oly and Panny make the latest 18–55 mm from Canon look like, well, a Cannon.

I'm just an advocate for using the best tool for the job. Some of you already have the best tool for this particular job, and you want to give it up and stick it on eBay, then advocate that the tool you're left with is developed to become more like the tool you just got rid of. Makes little sense to me...

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