GX7 and Olympus 12-40

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Re: GX7 and Olympus 12-40

skogredd wrote:

Well, not sure this helps, but yes, I did try the 12-40 on the GX7.

The 12-40 is nice, but the GX7 is not worth the money when using for photo mainly.

I shoot raw and convert with DxO Optics, CA is no problem with this combination. A problem for me is the minimal dynamic range of the GX7, especially in combination with wide angle. So after some testing, I no longer use the GX7 with the 12-40.

Well, I have tried the GX7 against my a57, the latter has a smidgen over 13ev, better than the EM-1 and GX7, theoretically, and I have tried to prove it to be superior and see the extra 0.5ev and it is not possible! So I don't know what your comparing the GX7 against but unless it has more than 13.5ev, I'd like to see you prove it has better DR than the GX7?

Good luck!

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