A7r: preliminary thoughts and 1 photo, C&C welcome

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A7r: preliminary thoughts and 1 photo, C&C welcome

Almost everything has already been covered, many times, still wanted to share my enthousiasm: received my A7r late this afternoon and am really happy with it. Decided to keep it after a short test shoot.

My first reaction to this camera is: I NEED BETTER LENSES! I don't think I'm going to see a whole lot of difference with my nex7 if I don't get the best out of this camera. But with better lenses, I think this camera would be incredible. I plan on getting the 55mm zeiss as soon as it is available here in Holland. I really hope sony will make some more lenses real quick, I really would like some fast primes and especially an (ultra-)wide/fisheye one. It doesn't all have to be zeiss, for apsc the sel50 and sel35 were doing quite good actually and were not zeiss. And I really hope this time they will make one a bit longer prime as that's still missing, even in the apsc range, something like 85 1.8 or something for around 500 euro would just be heaven.

Wide open most lenses I tried (about 5) are all quite soft towards the edges. Stopped down they look better, but sometimes wide open is the only thing one wants. Still have quite a few lenses though and will test those soon.

I also tried the CV15, but I need to make some new quality reference shots. The one reference shot I did late in the evening didn't work out well. I just hope this lens will be usable at all though, because corners were really very very dark and I'm afraid it will be difficult to keep the photo equal in all parts. The corners will have more noise because of the big differences.

Camera feels really good in my hands, it does indeed feel a bit hollow compared to my nex7, because it is much lighter, but as I take my camera and 2/3 lenses with me every day, I am glad it weighs less.

Menus look great, wish this menu was there on my nex7 from the start, it would have been such a different experience...

The shutter is indeed a bit noisier than my nex7, but somehow it feels much better to me. I feel more confident with the longer shutter sound, it also makes me stop and think before I make my next shot, with the nex7 I went on shooting the same shot quite a few times, sometimes up to 5/6 times, to make sure at least one was good. But now I stop and think and shoot only once.

Anyway, I really didn't have a lot of time, but here is one shot with my zeiss 50mm 1.8 pancolar lens, I believe it was stopped down, but I was so excited, I forgot the F value. In the center it looks great to me, but at the edges it is less sharp. When I have more time, I will find something better to shoot and try out some other lenses. And make notes about the F values.

The next very important finding is: EDITING IS ALMOST NOT NECESSARY WITH THIS CAMERA! I used to fiddle around a lot with my nex7 shots, and sometimes they looked great after fiddling around, but with A7r, with each change I did, I decided that the original actually looked better! White balance is great and contrast and colours look perfect SOOC. I am very very pleased.

Zeiss pancolar 50mm 1.8

crop from the middle:

zeiss pancolar 50mm 1.8, center crop at 100%

crop from left edge:

zeiss pancolar 50mm 1.8, left edge crop at 100%

Why do you guys think there's so much difference between center and edge, is it the lens or me or something else?

If anyone has any question about some of the lenses I own: I own a few pentax k mount lenses, a couple of zeiss pancolars and the 35mm flektogon, sel35, sel50 and a whole lot of vintage m42 lenses, a few minolta md lenses and a few minolta A mount lenses with af, with la-ea1 and la-ea2 adapters. If you want to see the results of a specific combo, lemme know.

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