D5300 viewfinder, better than 5200, not as good as D7100?

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Re: D5300 viewfinder, better than 5200, not as good as D7100?

Dmac60 wrote:

matthewlloyd wrote:

matthewlloyd wrote:

I just had the opportunity to try them side-by-side at the PhotoPlus Expo today. The viewfinder on the D5300 seems to have the same magnification and icons as the D5200 and is essentially the same apart for one small but important improvement: the exit pupil seems to be bigger. I wear glasses and see a lot of vignetting when I peer through the viewfinder on the D5200; I saw less vignetting on the D5300 and found the viewing experience to be much more comfortable. I could see both the left and right edges of the viewfinder clearly at the same time without having to move my head.

Small correction: the magnification has actually increased very slightly from 0.78x to 0.82x.

Any other observations? Did you get a chance to shoot them side-by-side too? If so, any improvement in high ISO performance?

I didn't get time to evaluate IQ, though I believe they use the same sensor.

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