GX7 Lens Review on DxO

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Re: GX7 Lens Review on DxO

Anders W wrote:

Ulric wrote:

Ultbruin wrote:

The comparison is between the GX7 and E-M1 which understandably is not as good. However, when you dig deeper and compare to the GH3, GX7 still scores lower on respective lenses.



And the E-M5 scores even higher than E-M1, even though the E-M5 has an AA-filter and the E-M1 hasn't. For example with the 75/1.8 :

GX7 - 7 P-Mpix

E-M1 - 12 P-Mpix

E-M5 - 13 P-Mpix

Same thing with the 14-140/3.5-5.6 :

GX7 - 4 P-Mpix

E-M1 - 6 P-Mpix

E-M5 - 7 P-Mpix

Very strange. Doesn't make much sense.

It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

What is equally strange is that DxO have published these dubious results apparently without noting how odd they are and with no analysis to support them. The AA filter doesn't seem enough to explain the huge difference in resolution with the 14-140 on the EM-5 and GX7.


In order to achieve what an E-M5 user can get from a 10x zoom, a GX7 user must buy the sharpest prime in existence. Hmm

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