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I disagree, noisy pixels overtaking correct pixels...

So long as the damage from noise does not screw up the color accuracy of a given grainy area, things will work out ok through de-noising and/or scaling down. But the problem is that when the line is crossed and the number of noisy incorrect pixels are too high, there is no fixing it anymore. The A77 and A65 crosses that line earlier than the A57 does. For that reason, the A57 will make a better shot in darker situations at highish ISO, like 1600 and 800 even.

I've had an A65 and have an A57, and this is what I observed.

Second, there is also damage to things to fine lines, edges, that become squiggly earlier.

And as for my confirmation bias, what satisfy me having passed up the A77, is that video is limited to ISO 1600. Had it gone to ISO 3200, the results would have been atrocious, because of the line skipping mechanism they're using to scale to HD resolution. Only now, are cameras beginning to use proper scaling algorithms fixing that problem. Had the A77 considered every sensor pixel for video, then it would probably be ok to ISO 6400. That's all video though. For photos, I'm afraid the problem is when the noisy pixels are overtaking correct pixels, in a nutshell.

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