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Re: Olympus Pen F 40mm 1.4 comments

Letsgokoulos wrote:

absh wrote:

Ordered one on ebay for just over $200 inc. shipping. Should be here in a week, can't wait to try it.

It arrived today. Quite a bit heavier than the 38/1.8 model, slightly longer. Unlike the 38/1.8, the 40/1.4 is truly usable wide open, but of course not for landscape shots. Should be good for portraits and close distance shots in low light situations.

Best sharpness is achieved at f/4 to f/8 (can't tell precisely, because my tripod isn't with me now). It will be very interesting to do a series of shots of the same scene with both 38mm and 40mm lenses at every aperture setting. I'll do that when I get my tripod back.

One thing that I definitely dislike is the shape of the aperture hole at f/2. It can ruin bokeh at an otherwise very usable setting, although I have yet to take some real photos to see that.

Here are some examples shot wide open (unless otherwise specified) and a series of stopped down shots: http://www.flickr.com/photos/97009285@N02/sets/72157638729267264/

So far it looks like it's gonna be a nice drop-in upgrade over the 38mm f/1.8 version.

I will be very interested into seeing some outdoor comparisons shots between the 38mm and the 40mm, mainly wide open.

I really like the 38mm, and have so far refrained from purchasing the 40mm, thinking it would not be much better than the 38mm. In fact, I need to be convinced of its usage wide open and on the quality of the bokeh...


I had a 38mm with coating issues on the rear element for a couple of weeks.  The 40mm was much sharper at 1.4 than the 38 at 2.0 in the center and had better contrast.  Corner performance seemed better too and my guess would be that the 40mm has less field curvature.

That being said, there plenty of people that have sharp 38mm lenses wide open so it could be sample variation.  Personally I preferred the less busy bokeh of the 40mm.  The 40mm is a pretty dense lens.  My 5N tips over and won't sit on the base with the 40mm mounted.

I'd be interested in a comparison as well to see if it the results are similar to mine.

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