Long Lens --- How much would you pay?

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Re: Long Lens --- How much would you pay?

AndyGM wrote:

Yes, there are those that believe having a fast telephoto is playing to (Micro) Four Thirds strengths, namely the smaller, "cropped" sensor when compared to DSLRs means you can get the narrow angle of view of huge DSLR telephoto lenses at much shorter focal lengths.

However, this conflicts with the main strength of m43, which is small and light. So I really don't see any manufacturer making a fast super telephoto prime with an m43 mount.

I see it differently, small 300 F4's have existed before. The Pentax A*300 F4 was 132x84mm, the panasonic 100-300 is 126x74mm, that's just 6mm shorter than the F4 lens, ok it 10mm less in diameter, but the F4 lens had a built in hood. The Pentax was built in the mid 80's and weighed 850g, the Panasonic weighs 520g, I'm sure with modern materials Panasonic could build a lighter lens with similar dimensions and OIS/AF.

If you are going to have a big lens, a lens you mount directly onto a tripod and then mount the camera onto, and let's face it the lens being debated would be like this, the size of the camera would be, within reason, immaterial. It you really want to do birding, an APS-C DSLR is already a very good tool for the job..................

Yes it does, and I do, but why must I run 2 systems? Well actually I don't, I use APS-C for most and carry a GF-2 for quick macros. But... if panasonic had a 300 F4 I might just make the leap. And isn't that part of the point of M4/3's sales, try and encourage more people to switch? I just can't do the switch to what I consider half a system, when my current one is a full system... I can't be the only person who likes to take photo's of distant wildlife, close up's and landscapes all with one system, can I..?

My partner uses m4/3'rds including the Panasonic 100-300 and has just upgraded from a G2 to a G5 and I'm impressed so far with the G5, but I've never warmed to the 100-300, it's ok but it's not a £400 lens IMHO.

What would I pay for a mythical Panasonic 300 F4, £800-£1000 I guess, which is what I'd pay for a 300 F4 in my current DSLR system. Still like Panasonic/Olympus I'm in no rush.....

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